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How do I enroll? Sign into KeyNet.

KeyNet is the portal where you will enroll. This is also where you will view paychecks and request time off.   

    • Click on

    • Sign in using your RCPS username and password.

    • Click on Enroll in Benefits.

    • Follow the prompts and view your information.

    • You will have an opportunity to add your dependent spouse and child/children. You must provide proof of eligibility if adding dependents.

    • As you go to each benefit you must pick the level of coverage, e.g. Employee Only, Employee + Child, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Family, and then you must also check the box next to their names below the level.

    • If you do not want a benefit you must Waive the benefit.

    • Once you have completed enrollment, click on the Confirmation page and review your elections. If you did not complete enrollment correctly, the Confirmation page with show errors.  You must go back to the page with errors and correct them.  If there are no errors, you MUST electronically sign the Confirmation page.

    • Print the Confirmation page to compare to your pay check. 

    • If you make any elections or changes even if you do not keep those changes, you MUST “Sign” Electronically at the base of the Confirmation page, to COMPLETE ENROLLMENT.
When can I make changes after Benefit Enrollment?
  • You must have a Qualifying Event (QE) to make a mid-year change to your benefits. Qualifying events include: marriage, divorce, legal separation, status change, birth or adoption of a child, change in child’s dependent status, death of spouse, child or other qualified dependent, or change in spouse’s benefits or employment status.
  • A Qualifying event allows you to change coverage level, add or drop benefits, but not change plan type.
  • Changes in benefits must be made within 31 calendar days of a QE by contacting Human Resources, and the following are required:
    • Proof of the QE is required to be submitted within 31 calendar days of the event, e.g. letter from a spouse’s employer, birth certificate, marriage license, etc.
    • A completed benefit change form for each benefit.
    • Proof of eligibility if adding dependents to your medical, vision or dental plans. You are required to submit a copy of a marriage license, birth certificate or copy of page one of your most recent tax return listing your dependents (with SSNs and income blocked out) to Human Resources within 31 calendar days of the date of a Qualifying Event.


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