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Employee Health Clinic

Occupational Health is a specialty that considers the effects of work on health. It also considers an individual's health, ability, and fitness to perform a particular job. The aim of Occupational Health is health promotion and prevention of work-related illness and injury by:

  • ensuring the employee's work does not in any way damage or compromise the employees’ health;

  • encouraging safe working practices;

  • ergonomics (studying how you work and how you could work better);

  • monitoring the health of the workforce;

  • supporting the management of sickness absence;

  • working with district leadership to implement policies and ensure health and safety compliance;

  • conducting pre-employment health assessments;

  • supporting health promotion and education programs;

  • providing vaccinations;

  • providing free COVID-19 testing for employees;

  • treating workplace injuries Report ALL work related injuries to Company Nurse 1-888-770-0925 RCPS Code: V713B;

  • managing worker’s compensation cases;

  • encouraging workers to take responsibility for their own health through health education and disease management programs, such as smoking cessation, exercise/fitness, nutrition and weight control, stress management, control of chronic illnesses, and effective use of medical services;

  • provide guidance, counseling, and referral advice to employees around non-work-related health problems;

  • surveying fitness for duty;

  • working with leadership to offer advice and guidance around making reasonable adjustments to your working conditions.

Your Employee Health Clinic Team:
Jill Jeter, BBA, RN, Coordinator Occupational Health Services

Josselyn Vargas, Health Services Compliance Specialist

Employee Health Clinic Contact Information:
(540) 853-1436 or (540) 853-1430
Fax: (540) 853-1238
Address:  201 W Campbell Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24011

Employee Health is part of the Operations Team, which reports to:

Chris Perkins
Chief Operations Officer
(540) 853.2382  |  [email protected]

40 Douglass Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 24012 Phone 540-853-2502