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This information was put together by Kathy Sebolt of the Roanoke Valley Governor's School.

When it comes to social media, students need to understand:

They each have a digital footprint

This information can be searched, copied, and passed on

They can take control of how they are perceived online

Cruelty can escalate quickly online because people are often anonymous

Posts spread quickly

Everything posted about them online can become part of a permanent, public online presence

Information they post about themselves online can have lasting personal and academic consequences

Behaving responsibly online is essential for safety, security, relationships, and producing high-quality academic work

By keeping certain information private online, they can protect their reputations, safety, and security

Think before you post:

Think about whether a parent or relative would be proud or concerned by the content of their posts

Consider whether a post will be hurtful or helpful, embarrassing or promising, or could positively or negatively affect a future opportunity

Bottom Line:

Think before you act and do what you are supposed to do.  If you wouldn't want your parent, grandparent or future employer to see it, don't do it!

Roanoke City Public Schools Social Media Policy:

Click here to access the Social Media Policy.

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