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Check out the weather!

In a joint venture between Roanoke City Public Schools and the Virginia Tech Geography Department and as a part of VT’s new Meteorology major, students here and at Virginia Tech will be studying the effect of an urban environment on weather patterns.  We currently have weather stations on the roofs of the following buildings:  Addison Middle School,Breckinridge Middle School, Crystal Spring Elementary School, Fairview Elementary School, Fallon Park Elementary School, Fishburn Park Elementary School, Garden City Elementary School, Grandin Court Elementary School, Hurt Park Elementary School, Roanoke Academy, Westside Elementary School, and the Central Office

These weather stations collect temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed,  and wind direction data and download it to a computer in the school.  The data is then uploaded to the internet where it can be viewed by students, teachers, Virginia Tech researchers, and the public.

The data is being shared on the Weather Underground website.   By going to  you can see the current temperature, wind speed and wind direction at each location and pull up data charts and graphs!

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