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Conducting our business in an ethical manner is the obligation of all employees. By fulfilling this obligation, we not only protect the reputation and image of Roanoke City Public Schools, we also honor our responsibility to Roanoke City Public Schools' stakeholders and maintain the public's trust. The School Board also feels it important that every employee have a variety of options in communicating issues to the School Administration. 

The Roanoke City Public Schools Employee Hotline, 1-800-556-3041, is a 24-hour telephone service line available to all staff for reporting potentially illegal or unethical matters observed, discovered or experienced in the workplace. This resource is operated by a third party agency to ensure confidentiality. The Roanoke City Public Schools Employee Hotline is not meant to replace ongoing communication between employee and supervisor, but it does provide the employee an anonymous alternative. In addition to the hotline there is also a reporting option on the internet: 

The Roanoke City Public Schools Employee Hotline is available for reporting workplace violations such as:
·Conflicts of Interest
·Inappropriate gifts or entertainment
·Questionable accounting and auditing matters
·Environmental, health or safety issues
·Improper use of confidential information
·Drug or alcohol abuse
·Stealing or misuse of company property
·Other violations of company policies or criminal conduct
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