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Comprehensive List of Safety Measures Adopted for 2022-2023 School Year

This spring, RCPS began researching and formulating a plan to add additional safety measures in our schools. Through this process, many new strategies were approved with the budget in June, while additional strategies were approved during the School Board meeting on July 12, 2022.

Thanks to the input of parents/guardians, staff, and the community, the hard work of our team, and the dedication of our school board, next school year RCPS will implement more than 25 additional safety measures, totaling more than $4 million.

The full list of additional measures that were approved on June 28 and July 12 is detailed below.

Approved on July 12, 2022

• Assign additional School Resource Officers (SROs) in schools to ensure at least one officer per school
Increase the number of cameras in school facilities
Replace 731 antiquated door lock sets
Hire a security technician
Implement a Safety Tip Line that monitors incoming text, voice calls, and emails 24/7. Click here to view information on SpeakUp for Safety.
Hire three additional assistant principals, so each school has at least one full-time assistant principal to assist with school safety and administration
Renovate under-sized secure entry areas at Fairview and Hurt Park Elementary Schools
Provide panic alarms that will be carried by key staff in each school. Click here to view information on Panic Buttons.

Approved on June 28, 2022

• Advocate for legislative changes for additional parent/adult accountability; VA Code §18.2-60, §18.2-308, and §18.2-56.2
Expand community partnerships and services to support students' mental health needs
Increase professional development on school safety
Increase mental health support for students
Enhance Youth Engagement & Development programming
Revise the Student Code of Conduct in student-friendly language
Implement automated lockdown systems in schools during renovations and new construction
Enclose all remaining open classrooms
Restructure the department of student support services to enhance the support of student behavior, attendance, accountability, and mental health services
Reallocate positions from Central Office to schools to support student behavior, and school safety efforts
Establish a Cell Phone Promise for students and families
Expand community partnerships to enhance parent/guardian and community engagement
Create and enhance parent/guardian engagement programming
Include outsourced partners in the mass notification system
Distinguish and clarify robocall and emergency communication protocols (Please click here for the new protocol)
Roll out a mass notification cell phone app to staff and families. Click here to view information on the RCPS Notify app.
Implement a parent/guardian-initiated interpreting service available by phone or video

For more information about these measures:

 Click here for the School Board Presentation
Watch the July 12, 2022 School Board Meeting

For information on safety measures already in place, please visit

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