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Child Find Notice

Roanoke City Public School’s Child Find process helps to identify potential special education needs and educate the community about Child Find. The importance of Child Find in early intervention for children who may need services is critical. Roanoke City Public Schools will maintain an active and continuing child find program designed to identify, locate, and evaluate children residing in this jurisdiction who are two through 21 years of age, inclusively, who are in need of special education and related services. These shall include the following:

• Children who are highly mobile, such as migrant and homeless
• Children who attend private schools, including children who are home instructed or home-tutored
• Children who are suspected of being in need of special education and related services though they are advancing from grade to grade; and
• Children who are under age 18 who are suspected of having a disability
• Children who under age 18 and need special education and related services
• Children who are incarcerated in a regional or local jail in this jurisdiction for 10 or more days
• Child who are living in nursing homes

Roanoke City Public Schools will coordinate Child Find activities for infants and toddlers (birth to age two, inclusively) with the Part C local interagency coordinating council.

Roanoke City Public Schools conducts a public awareness campaign to inform the community of all persons, ages birth to 21 inclusively, rights to a free and appropriate public education and the availability of special education services.

Please refer children that may need to be considered for special education services to the Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator at (540) 853-1438. Contact may also be made to the principal of the school your child attends or the Executive Director of Special Education at (540) 853-1437. The name of the school in your school zone area is listed in the telephone book and can also be found on the Roanoke City Public Schools division website by clicking here.
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