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About RCPS 

Roanoke City Public Schools (RCPS) is an urban school division in Roanoke, Virginia, serving a pre-K through 12th grade population of approximately 14,000 students. RCPS provides an inclusive and equitable, student-centered culture that empowers lifelong learning. Through meaningful, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities, we empower all students to dream, excel, and meet their full potential to benefit our city and its citizens.

RCPS' vision is to provide all students with a strong educational foundation that enables them to become lifelong learners and contributing members and leaders of the global community.

RCPS offers state of the art learning experiences, taught by teachers who are highly qualified and understand and accept the challenges of helping every student to reach their greatest potential. 

The division has 17 elementary schools, five middle schools, two high schools, as well as four alternative schools, including the Roanoke Valley Governor's School for Science & Technology and the Roanoke Technical Education Center.

RCPS Fast Facts

Elementary Schools: 17

Middle Schools: 5

High Schools: 2

Programs: 4 (Forest Park Academy, Governor's School for Science and Technology, Roanoke Technical Education Center, and Noel C. Taylor Learning Academy).

Number of students (pre-K through 12th Grade): 13,722

Total Staff: 2,415

Special Education Students: 2,105

English Language Learners: 1,906

Gifted Students: 851

Student Ethnic Distribution

African American: 41.5%

Caucasian: 32.1%

Hispanic and other: 26.4%

Moving to Roanoke
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Per-Pupil Costs

July 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Section 22.1-92, Code of Virginia, requires school divisions to prepare and post "notification of the estimated average per pupil cost for public education in the school division for the coming year" as well as "actual per pupil stated and local education expenditures for the previous school year."

Provided below are the average per-pupil expenditures for Roanoke City Public Schools. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Kathleen Jackson, Chief Financial Officer for the school division.


Verletta White


Average Per-Pupil Expenditures

Number of Students *




Sources of Financial Support

FY 2020-21

FY 2021-22

FY 2022-23




State Funds




State Sales Tax




Federal Revenue




Local and Other Revenue









* Number of Students is the actual or projected end-of-year Average Daily Membership (ADM) for grades pre-kindergarten through twelve.

Please click here to download a PDF copy of the above letter.

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