String Art at William Fleming
Posted on 10/04/2017
William Fleming High School student posing in front of her String Art Project of a person's faceWhen you walk the halls at William Fleming High School, some art projects hanging on the wall will catch your eye.  But when you hear how it came together, you will be amazed.

Students in Art Foundations showed off their creative side by making string art.  It took thumbtacks, yarn, and a lot of imagination to turn their ideas into works of art. 

Students used newspaper to sketch their subject.  They then used thumbtacks to hang it up on the wall.  Once they removed the newspaper, the students used yarn to make masterpieces.  It didn't happen overnight.  It took several class periods for students to tie the yarn around the thumbtacks.

The projects included squirrels, basketballs, sharks, and hot air balloons.  Scroll down and check out these really cool pictures.

Fleming student pointing to the string art she made of a basketball and flamesFleming student posing in front of his string art project of a blue sharkFleming student in front of her string art of an orange squirrelFleming student pointing to his string art project
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