Spreading kindness at Wasena Elementary
Posted on 09/12/2017
Wasena ELementary teacher posing with three of her students holding a "Wasena Chooses Kindness" rock.At Wasena Elementary, spreading kindness is as solid as a rock!  The school's theme this year is 'Choose Kind.'  It comes from the book children's book "Wonder."  There's a well-known quote from the book that says "when given the choice between being right, and being kind, choose kind."  There are examples all throughout the school.  When you enter Wasena, the message is literally plastered on the front desk.

Front desk at Wasena Elementary that says "Choose Kind."

Teachers are also doing different activities right in the classroom.  In Ms. Dean's first grade class, students painted kindness rocks.  They will take their projects home and leave the rock for someone to find.  The idea is to spread kindness throughout the Roanoke Valley.

Wasena Elementary student holding his painted rockWasena Elementary student smiling as she paints her rockThree Wasena Elementary students holding their painted rocksTable full of painted rocks
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