All Aboard with Amtrak
Posted on 10/12/2017
Several James Madison students standing with an Amtrak representative with a makeshift railroad crossingWith Amtrak service returning to Roanoke in a few weeks, there's concern about teenagers walking the railroad tracks.  There's a good reason why.  Amtrak trains will travel through Roanoke at 60 mph and it takes a mile for a train to stop.

For that reason, a representative from Amtrak Police held safety seminars at each of our middle schools.  Students were told it is illegal to walk the tracks.  Amtrak is especially concerned that teenagers will walk the tracks wearing ear buds, making it impossible to hear an approaching train.

Amtrak showed a video at each middle school.  It is appropriate for middle and high school students.  Click here to watch the video

Assembly at James Madison Middle School in the gymAmtrak Police Officer talking to studentsJames Madison student raising her hand during the assemblyMadison student paying attention during the Amtrak assembly
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