After School at Addison
Posted on 10/08/2017
Lucy Addison student at his desk smiling at the cameraThe administrative team at Lucy Addison Middle turned a potential problem into a solution.  When the school's 21st Century After School grant ran out, Addison learned it had to take a year off before reapplying.  But Principal Johnson felt an after school program was essential.

So he and his administrators put on their thinking caps.  Using Title 1 funds, Addison is holding its own after school program twice a week.  Students are fed a snack before hitting the books.  They receive tutoring for reading and math for about an hour. 

Right now, nearly 50 students are participating on a regular basis.  The school hopes to double enrollment by the holidays.  Transportation is provided and students can still participate in sports. 

Lucy Addison student paying attention during the after school programAddison student looking at the camera with a laptop next to himLucy Addison student listening to a lecture during classAddison standing in front of a math bulletin board with arms crossed
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