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Every winter, scientists from the World Health Organization observe which strains of flu circulate around the world. CDC chooses which viruses to target in the flu vaccine based on this research.

During the 2014-15 flu season, the H3N2 flu strain mutated after the vaccine was released and, therefore, the vaccine was not as effective and more folks came down with the illness.

For the 2015-16 flu season, experts anticipate a more effective flu vaccine because researchers are now more aware of the newly mutated H3N2 virus

This year's flu vaccine is a quadra-valent, INACTIVATED vaccine. That means it is effective against 4 flu strains and CANNOT CAUSE YOU TO GET THE FLU. The vaccine is provided free of charge to any and all RCPS employees.


JUNE Wellness
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June is National Safety Month!
This practical information can apply to your job as well as to your home this summer!!
The following are 10 most reported workers' compensation injuries as listed by top insurance companies around the country. We added Actions you can take to prevent these incidents!
  1. Overexertion injuries like .pulling, lifting, pushing, and throwing activities atwork account for approximately $13.5 billion in benefit costs annually.
Action: learn proper way to lift...use legs instead of back, utilize equipment to help with carrying, lifting etc. tasks and take breaks to rest in jobs that could result in overexertion.
  1. Slipping on wet floors or tripping over a foreign object/uneven surface cancause muscle injuries, and other medical issues.
Action: Ensure non-slip rugs are in place, use signage to indicate wet areas and learn proper management of spills and dean-up debris.
  1. Falls that happen from an elevated area such as ladders or stairways can result in serious injury
Action: Use proper personal protection gear, guard rails, and other devices.Employee training employee diligence can be very helpful.
  1. Reaction injuries caused by slipping and tripping without falling can cause muscle injuries, and other medical issues.
Action: Address slippery areas around the facility and your home. Place no slip rugs/strips near entrances/exits and label uneven walkways also keep work spaces dean and uncluttered.
  1. Falling object injuries can cause serious damage, the most common beinghead injury.
Action: Store/stack materials in a safe and secure manner. Know height limits and use signage where debris may fall and insure proper Personal Protective Equipment is in use!
  1. Unintentionally running into static objects such as walls, doors, cabinetsand furniture can cause head, knee, neck, and foot injuries.
  2. Action: Maintain a neat and tidy workplace at work and at home. Clearly mark potential obstacles and hazards and practice diligence in your surroundings.

7. Vehicle crashes can result in fatalities.

Action: Define safe driving policies with emphasis on limiting distractions and practicing defensive driving. Take safe driving training courses.
  1. Machine entanglement injuries can happen at work and at home. They usually occur where heavy machinery is being usedLoose clothing,shoes, jewelry, fingers and unbound hair may become caught.
Action: Learn how to have protective barrier equipment in place and learn how to recognize and secure potential entanglement hazards.

  1. Repetitive motion injuries such as typing and excessive use of the computer can strain muscles and tendons which can lead to back, visionother disorders.
Action: use proper ergonomic equipment and get training as needed. Take breaks, rest eyes and muscles. When possible cross train so that job rotation can be possible.
  1. There can be violent acts leading to injury from arguments and officepolitics.
Action: Take violence training and create channels of communication for reporting suspicious activity.


May is National Employee Health and Fitness Month

RCPS employees-live ahealthier and happier life!

Create "Healthy Moments" throughout your day-

At school....
  1. Alone...on those breaks take a walk outside and breathe in that fresh spring air and get some sunshine while drinking your water•.•during lunch enjoy that sandwich made with100 % whole wheat bread and a big salad of fresh veggies!
  2. With another employee...pledge to walk together at school around the trackor in the parking lot. Keep those walking shoes in the trunk of your car.. Holdeach other accountable!!
  3. In a group..•Exercise together perhaps before school or after- Prepare aspecial lunch one day a week-plan for it and share recipes!
At Home...
Plan for the family to cook a healthy meal together once a week-get everyoneinvolved! Family time is very important.
  1. Plan a family weekend outing and include healthy food and a hike.
  2. Encourage neighbors to come together and form a walking/bicycling groupmay aim for a local SK. May also plan a neighborhood "Healthy cookout".The more you encourage others the stronger will be your commitment toliving a healthy lifestyle!
  3. Check your calendar to make sure you have scheduled your annual physicalassessment and dental checkup.
  4. Think of personal habits you need to change such as cutting back on fastfoods,remembering moderationin in the good foods/habits,stoppingsmoking,getting more sleep (7-9 hrs./night),a regular exercise program, time alone to think and or meditate.
  5. Plant a garden-in the ground or in pots!!

Remember today is the first day of the rest of your life­ andis made up of"moments" !


frownfrownfrown April is stress reduction month frownfrownfrown

The following are tips for REDUCING STRESS!
  1. Ask yourself what you can do about the identified sources of stress iyourlife. Think about the pros and cons then take action where you can.
  2. Keep a positive realistic attitude.
  3. Stand up for yourself in a polite way. Share your feelings, opinions andbeliefs, instead of becoming angry,defensive or passive.
  4. Apologize forgive and forget.
  5. Learn relaxation techniques (i.e. Breathing exercise-meditation) and takebreaks. Utilize the break room to stop, read,and drink water or your favorite herbal tea.Take a walk outside and get that fresh air!
  6. Eat healthy. "Focus on the fresh" . Incorporate whole fruits and vegetablesand whole grains which contain B Vitamins that support a healthy nervous system.
  7. Work to manage your time wisely.Saying "No" can be a good thing!
  8. Make time for hobbies and interests.Schedule "me/quiet" time!
  9. Exercisregularly. You will feel betteand be more prepared to handle problems.
  10. Get enough sleep and rest. They are not the same! Your body needs torecover from stressful events.
  11. Don't rely on alcohol,drugs,ofood to help control stress.
  12. Spend time with people you love.
  13. Separate work from home.
  14. Utilize your EAP program as needed.
  15. Plan your work then work your plan. Don't overload your schedule.
Information from WebMD and your RCPS employee health clinic
In addition to increasing exercise, planning a weekly menu and eating healthy snacks, the following will help you eat healthy when you go out:
* Plan and prepare ahead in your mind...make calls if necessary
*Think about whom you will be eating with...or are you eating alone
*The smell of fries is welcoming...have a choice ready
*Order an appetizer size portion or a side dish as an entree
*Request grilled, steamed or broiled instead of fried
*Order an item on the menu instead of heading for the "all you can eat"
*Order a big salad and ask for dressing on the side (lemon and salt work well)
*Remember, YOU are in charge...ask questions...you are the customer!
*Order water or herbal tea as your beverage of choice
*Ask for whole wheat bread
*Forego the yeast rolls
*Load the veggies in as many places as possible
*Choose a baked potato instead of fries. Watch the toppings!
*Choose small or medium portions
*Doggie bags are still fashionable!
*If you are almost finished and others are not, stretch out those last bites
*If you must have dessert, share with all at the table. Choose fresh fruit whenever possible.




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