Whale watching at Preston Park Elementary
Posted on 12/12/2016
Preston Park student standing in the belly of a fin whaleThis time of year, it is too cold to set sail on a whale watch.  Thankfully, students at Preston Park Elementary had to go no further than a gym to see a whale.

About ten years ago, Mr. Richardson's high school students took 100 foot rolls of industrial plastic and made a life-size replica of a fin whale.  It blows up quickly with the help of a fan, giving the students the opportunity to walk inside the belly of the whale.

Kindergarteners are currently learning all about animals.  The life-size whale gives students a fun way to learn all about the second largest animal.  When they get to high school, these students will have a tale to tell when they get ready to read Moby Dick.

A group of students sitting in front of the fin whaleMr. Richardson showing a slide about the fin whale to studentsstudents in the belly of the fin whaleA Preston Park student in the belly of the fin whale.

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