RCPS Engineering Challenge
Posted on 11/29/2016
Two Crystal Spring Elementary students posing with their first place trophyThe assignment sounds so easy.  Students must build catapults and then launch marshmallows.  The team with the greatest distance wins.  But as students quickly find out, the assignment involves plenty of talent, innovation, and skill. 

Third graders from each elementary school were invited to participate in the RCPS Engineering Challenge.  It is a way for students to learn about simple machines, teamwork, and demonstrate mastery of 3rd grade Science.  After competing at the school level, each winning team gathered at the Virginia Museum of Transportation for a district-wide competition.  The winners are as follows:

1st place- Crystal Spring Elementary
2nd place- Fallon Park Elementary
3rd place- Fairview Elementary

The farthest distance was 31 feet 7 inches.  Each student received a medal for participating.  Shout out to students from Hurt Park Elementary.  They shared their catapult with students who left their machine at school.
3rd place winners from Fairview ElementaryTwo students launching their catapult2nd place winners from Fallon Park ElementaryMorningside Elementary student holding his medal and captapult

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