Mock Election at Jackson Middle
Posted on 11/07/2016
Jackson student wearing a patriotic hatThey may not be 18 years old but Jackson Middle School students are still making their voices heard.  Nearly 600 students cast their vote for president during a mock election.  The school's lobby was transformed into a large polling area complete with dividers for privacy and laptops to vote. 

For the last several weeks, students in Civics classes have been researching the candidates, the party platforms, and watched the debates.  The goal is for students to be informed but also motivate them to vote when they turn 18 in just a few short years.  Many of today's 8th graders will be eligible to vote in the next presidential election. 

Here are the results of the mock election:

63% - Clinton

13% - Trump

24% -  Stein and Johnson 

Jackson student holding a sheet of I voted stickersStudent holding a laptop that shows the ballotstudent holding a mock ballot boxstudent casting their voteGroup of students pointed to their I Voted sticker they are wearing

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