Time for a reality check
Posted on 10/29/2016
Three Breckinridge students standing holding a caculator and worksheetsThis fall, 8th graders are getting a reality check.  Calling it an investment in our future, ROTEC teams up with Goodwill Industries of the Valley to hold the Reality Check Program at all five of our middle schools.  Reality Check gives students a glimpse of the real world.

The goal is to teach students about money and budgeting.  Students first need to make decisions about a career, marriage, and the amount of children.  Based on those choices, students get a monthly paycheck.  They then visit various stations to pay their bills and make life choices.  If there is money left over after paying all their bills, a siren sounds and everyone celebrates.  They also receive a pair of sunglasses.  If they go over, they get a bracelet that says 'reality check.'

Breckinridge student holding a big caculatorBreckinridge student wearing sunglassesstudent talking with a volunteer about budgeting at a table
Student holding a sign and stuffed animal

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