Coding at all elementary schools
Posted on 10/06/2016
student with a laptop computer that shows coding programIt's no secret high-tech jobs are in demand.  There is a nation-wide push for elementary students to learn coding to meet the needs of the 21st Century.  This school year, every elementary school student is learning how to program computers.

Kids are growing up in a much different world than their parents.  Computers, cellphones, and all kinds of digital devices are part of their daily lives.  It's one thing to know how to use these gadgets.  It's quite another to understand the logic behind them.

Children love to play games.  Teachers are using a simple computer game to teach students coding. The game is similar to Angry Birds.  It teaches students the concept of problem solving.  The higher the level, the harder the game becomes.

These skills will give students the opportunity to create the next must have app or computer game.  We can't wait to see how they invent the future. 

Fairview student working on  his computerIT Instructor working with a student on the computerstudent looking at a computer screenstudent learning how to code
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