Y-Splash is making more waves
Posted on 10/04/2016
three students wearing life jackets at the poolA drowning can happen in a matter of seconds.  That's why a life-saving program offered at the Kirk YMCA is so necessary and has expanded.  Y-Splash teaches 2nd graders basic water and boat safety.  The program gives children confidence in the water and the tools needed to save a life.

Y-Splash begins in the classroom at the school.  YMCA instructors teach students how to be safe in the water and what to do in an emergency.  The students then travel to the YMCA in downtown Roanoke to put these skills to the test in the pool.

This program started three years ago with only a handful of schools.  This year, all 17 of our elementary schools are participating--at no cost to the students.  The YMCA has found sponsors for each school.  More than 1,000 2nd graders in Roanoke will benefit from this program this year.

Virginia Heights principal in the pool with several studentsan instructor holding a student in the poolstudent in a canoe holding an oarstudent wearing a life jacket in the pool while smilinggroup of students standing together wearing life jackets

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