Roanoke City Public Schools
2018 Benefits

Our employees are our most valuable asset. 

That’s why at Roanoke City Public Schools we are committed to a comprehensive employee benefit program that helps our employees stay healthy, feel secure, and maintain a work/life balance.

Benefits include:

  • Medical Plans and Vision Plans

  • Dental Plans

  • Health Flexible Spending Account

  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

  • 403(b), Non-VRS 457 and Roth Retirement Account Options

  • Cancer & Accident Plans

Eligible employees must elect or waive benefit coverage.


Proof of Dependent Eligibility: If adding new dependents during Open Enrollment, employees are required to submit proof of eligibility (see page 6) by the last day of the Open Enrollment period. As a New Hire or due to a Qualifying Event, proof of eligibility is also required for new dependents within 31 calendar days of the date of hire or a Qualifying Event. If ineligible dependents are found, they will be removed from the plan. 


Updates for 2018:

  • The district continues to make every effort to minimize any increase in costs and funds, on average, 90% of the cost for the medical plan.

  • No increase in Vision rates for 2018.

  • We will continue our current Weight Management reimbursement program until further notice.

  • Easier Wellness Program Continues!  Complete a preventive physical examination no later than September 30, 2018.  Continuing from 2017, you are not required to submit any paperwork as proof of completion of wellness compliance! Instead, UnitedHealthcare will receive the physical code submitted by your provider’s office during the billing process. In 2018, due to changes in the Affordable Health Care Act, only RCPS employees have the option to participate in the wellness program.  As a reminder, as indicated in the 2017 enrollment information, the Compliant Spouse non RCPS Employee level of coverage will not exist for 2018.  

  • An additional pharmacy tier has been added to the Traditional and HRA plans for specialty drugs.     



Wellness Program


It is anticipated that if employees exhibit healthful behaviors, the result will be both a healthier workforce and reduced overall health care costs.


Wellness Compliant Requirement for 2018

Employees who complete the preventive care physical by 9/30/18 are eligible for the following incentive in 2019:

  • Employees who were compliant receive a $50 per month incentive as a reduction in their premium or an incentive as a premium credit. 

  • 2 Employee coverage: Employees who were compliant receive a $50 per month incentive as a reduction in their premium or an incentive as a premium credit. If the employee’s spouse met the wellness requirement, the employee will receive a $50 per month incentive as a reduction in premium or an incentive as a premium credit. (For two-employee coverage, both employees must have met the compliance requirements.)

  • Exception- New hires and specific Qualifying Events (benefit effective date of 7/1/18 and forward): These employees do not have to meet Wellness Compliance in 2018 to be eligible for the incentive in 2018.

Weight Management Reimbursement for Employees will continue until further notice.

Smoking Cessation Reimbursement will continue. This reimbursement is for a Provider Recommended Smoking (or other tobacco product) Cessation program. The reimbursement is for program costs, up to a one-time total of $500.

  • If you terminate employment, wellness reimbursement will end on your last day worked.

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