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May is Employee Health and Fitness Month

Don't let it get is how you can get involved and the benefits YOU can reap !

 Lead a "walkabout" in your school, a small group or ask your principal about organizing this for the remainder of the school year. Go to and fitness month and get all the details!
  Purpose your heart and mind to help change the activity culture of your family and friends. Be a roll model and lead those you love toward health and fitness.

Act on your decision in a personal way by planning "HEALTHY MOMENTS"
While on the phone stand up and move around
Stretch while sitting at your desk and do some deep breathing
Take a stroll after lunch...this helps to digest your food
When giving a test, walk around the room
              Plan "moving meetings". Conduct business as you move... there will be more ideas circulating and all will stay refreshed

Set up a fitness trail in your building. Yes, it is better to exercise in the fresh air but sometimes that's not possible. Exercise inside when you can't get outside!

Post signs of encouragement and support around your building.

Plan a "HEALTHY LUNCH DAY" once a week with your peers. Choose a healthy menu and assign foods to bring.

Launch an exercise group to extend through the summer.


Decreased injuries and accidents
Decreased illnesses because of your "boosted" immune system
Decreased stress - exercise releases endorphins
Increased productivity
weight loss
Increased well-being and self esteem
Increased job satisfaction
Increased fitness and stamina



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