In accordance with School Board Policy FFA, all Naming Requests must be approved by the School Board.  Please contact the School Board Clerk at 540.853.2381 to request a Naming Rights Nomination Form.

Please note the following criteria for naming rights:



Date of Origin:  October 23, 2007


         Facilities, or any portion thereof, managed by the School Board of the Roanoke City Public Schools may be named:


1. For distinguished persons who have made outstanding historical contributions to the school division, city, state or nation, consistent with the magnitude of the contributions made by persons whose names are already used for schools in the division; 

2. With strong consideration to names of women, minorities and persons who have made exceptional contributions to the educational endeavors of Roanoke City Public Schools; 

3. Using geographic or regional names; 

4. With clearly identifying names, widely known and recognized; 

5. To reflect the values of the community; 

6. For Roanoke City Public School employees who are deceased, or, if still living, who are retired for a minimum of three years; 

7. With names that are consistent with other school names at the elementary, middle or high school level; 

8. By avoiding names that could cause confusion with other schools or buildings in Roanoke City and/or with other schools in adjoining jurisdictions and other areas of Virginia; 

9. When financial contributions are a factor, the level of contribution needed to name a building, addition to a building, or a portion of a building (as may be the case in a major renovation project) will vary depending on the financing considerations, purpose, size, prominence on campus, and the level of private support needed for construction, and such gift commitments must be payable over a defined pledge term and the donor must provide a legally binding commitment enforceable against the assets/estate of the person or entity until the pledge is retired; and 

10. By using a weighted point system by written ballot will be used to determine the top three choices with the name receiving the highest point total recommended to the School Board (ex. First choice will be awarded three points, second choice will be awarded two points and third choice awarded one point) and this system may be also used to reduce the number of suggested names to an agreed upon number before taking the final vote.

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