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   Dr. Rita Bishop, Superintendent
   Roanoke City Public Schools

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Dear Parents and Guardians:

          Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!  Many people have worked very hard to create a wonderful learning environment for our students.

          Students who attended RCPS+ this summer participated in a wide range of activities, many of them focused around STEM.  We are one of the few divisions that provides a full six-week summer enrichment program.  A highlight of the summer was the performance by a combined middle and high school cast of Grease:  School Version. Throughout the City all theater programs are simply excellent.  Please attend!

          Mr. Barnett, Deputy Superintendent, is planning the construction of a new Fallon Park Elementary School which will be a community hub.  We have refurbished Hurt Park Elementary School and will be constructing a gym there shortly.  All of our buildings and grounds are in good condition.

          Later this fall, we will receive a report from the Virginia Department of Education about our SOL test results.  All preliminary results indicate that our schools did very well.  While SOL tests are important, they are only a part of our educational program.  We have award-winning arts programs across the district.  We have state-of-the-art instructional support and materials.  Last year, Career and Technical Education students earned 2,050 industry certifications.  Our graduation rate continues to climb.  Athletic teams continue to win championships while focusing on sportsmanship and teamwork.  All of this is possible because of our school leaders and our excellent teachers and staff.

          Our students come first!  The School Board extends its best wishes.  We all know our students are the future.  Strong Students, Strong Schools, Strong City.

          I always welcome your suggestions.  Together we grow stronger.  I am proud to live in a seven time All-America City!

  Best Regards,

Rita D. Bishop, Ed.D

Rita Bishop wearing her Help the Homeless t-shirtDr. Bishop holding school supplies next to a Load the Bus sign at Walmart.Dr. Bishop reading to Fishburn park Elementary students on Read Across America DayDr. Bishop reading to Fishburn Park elementary students on Read Across America DayDr. Bishop talking to Teachers for Tomorrow students at William Fleming High SchoolDr. Bishop posing with students from Teachers for Tomorrow at William fleming High School

Notes from Superintendent
The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is now complete.  To view it, click here
Instructional Time
Roanoke City Public Schools is committed to providing excellent instruction for our students.  The current school schedules ensure the Division is in compliance with Section 22.1-98 of the Code of Virginia, which requires that school divisions provide 180 instructional days or 990 instructional hours per school year. Days or hours that exceed the 180 day or 990 hour requirement permit the Division to use the time to offset days missed due to inclement weather or other emergencies.

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