Budget Services is responsible for the development of the Annual General, Food Service, and Special Revenue Funds Budget.  To accomplish this, the Budget services section will:

  • Develop a General and Food Services Funds Revenue Budget based on estimates of resources available from the Federal Government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the City of Roanoke, and from charges for educational services.
  • Develop a General and Food Services Funds Expenditure Budget based on input from budget program managers. The budget will estimate the expenditures required to operate the Division's programs for a single fiscal year. The Expenditure Budget must balance to the Revenue Budget.
  • Develop a Five-Year Capital Plan that outlines the anticipated capital needs of the Division and the resources necessary to fund those needs.
  • Develop a single-year Capital Projects Budget.
  • Develop a single-year Special Revenue Grants Budget.
  • Produce a comprehensive Annual Budget for submission to the School Board and to City Council.
Budget Development is the process of preparing and adopting, on an annual basis, a financial plan for the subsequent school year beginning July 1. The process begins in December, when the Superintendent presents a preliminary budget document to the School Board for consideration. Public hearings on the budget are conducted during January and February to obtain citizen comments prior to approval by the School Board on or before March 15. The approved budget is then submitted to the City Manager of the City of Roanoke for inclusion in the City budget. Additional public hearings are conducted prior to the legal adoption of the City budget on or before May 15. The budget is legally adopted through the passage of an appropriation ordinance by City Council.
Budget Management is the continued overview of the budget process after adoption of the budget. Virginia School Law 22.1-91 prohibits the overexpenditure of appropriated funds.  Grant additions and modifications are submitted to City Council for appropriation, and program managers are provided assistance to ensure compliance with all appropriate budgetary principles and procedures.
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