Wasena checks out
Posted on 10/16/2017
Wasena student sticking his head through two books on a book shelf.When staff members at Wasena Elementary conducted an informal poll at school, they discovered a problem.  Most of students at Wasena did not have a library card.  So staff came up with a solution.

This fall, each grade is taking a field trip to the Raleigh Court Library.  Students are taking tours of the library, participating in a scavenger hunt, and receiving their very own library card.

Principal Burton says the goal is to create life-long readers.  It is also important for students to be a part of their community.  Throughout the school year, teachers will hold evening events with library staff at Wasena Elementary and the Raleigh Court Library.  That way parents can help their children see firsthand the importance of reading.

Wasena Elementary student holding a book about illustratorsTwo Wasena students holding a piece of paper for the scavenger hunt at the libraryLibrary staff reading a book to studentsWasena student holding a book and his new library card

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