Making a difference at Maker Mart
Posted on 02/06/2017
Students at Breckinridge Middle School standing at table holding various toolsAn old Roanoke grocery store has a new name and a new purpose.  The former Save-A-Lot Supermarket on Patterson Avenue is now called the Maker Mart.  Gone are the aisles of food, replaced with work tables and tools.

The Maker Mart is an enrichment program for middle and high school students from our 21st Century After School Program.  It is designed to prepare students with job skills for the 21st Century. 

There are no text books or lectures, everything is hands-on.  Students from Lucy Addison Middle, Woodrow Wilson Middle, James Breckinridge Middle, and William Fleming High School visit the center once-a-week. Students are using wood, nails, and other materials to build things from scratch.  It is teaching students about building, manufacturing, and problem-solving.

The program is the brain-child of Aaron Dykstra.  He hopes the Maker Mart Program prepares students for high paying jobs once they graduate from high school or college.  In a few short weeks, students from Stonewall Jackson Middle will be a part of the program.

Student holding a power toolStudent showing us the project he is working on using woodA student using a saw on his project
maker foundation worker consulting with two students on a project
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